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We provide full service wealth growth and management solutions to individuals, businesses, and investment entities. We utilize our proven business, financial, investment, legal, and tax expertise to create millionaires from point zero and preserve generational multimillionaire status for our clients at the personal, business, and investment entity levels.

Firm Overview:

Duke Millionaire Maker provides a diverse platform of domestic and international services which allow our clients to address single purpose projects or multiple skill set project needs with our proven track record of professional management. Our advisory skill sets include: general business, business development, financial and tax management, planning and management, capital placement and sources, asset management, and immigration services.

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The complex nature of business and personal wealth development and management requires the guidance of experienced professionals. Determining the correct path to obtain your personal and business goals can be a significant challenge. Whether your goal is an immigration matter and/or business concerns or investments, the professionals at Duke Millionaire Maker can provide you with the assistance you will need to achieve your goals. Every client is treated with detailed attention and dedication.

In addition to the expertise of its principal, David L. Dukes, a Maryland law practitioner, Duke Millionaire Maker has a full range of affiliated attorneys and consultants available for project needs.

David L. Dukes, Esq. – is a Maryland law practitioner and a principal and the Broker of Record for C & D Ventures, LLC, a Maryland real estate brokerage firm. David’s background includes the following: real estate brokerage with Scheer Partners, Inc. and Transwestern Carey Winston; and business and real estate law practice with Frank, Bernstein, Conaway & Goldman in Baltimore, Maryland. David is a graduate of Duke University and the Duke University School of Law.