Deportation is the most serious consequence for violating the immigration laws of the United States.  Any person who is not a U.S. citizen, including Green Card holders, can be deported from the United States. Many individuals who commit serious crimes are detained and placed in Removal Proceedings.  Each individual is served with a Notice to Appear with their name and Alien number identified on it, prior to appearing before an immigration judge. But our experienced immigration attorneys may be able to prevent Deportation. There are many forms of relief available such as Asylum, Adjustment of Status, Cancellation of Removal, Voluntary Departure, NACARA, and Temporary Protected Status.

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Some helpful links are set forth below:

See the link below for the Address and Contact Information of the Immigration Court.

See the link below for a Virtual Law Library.

See the link below for an Immigration Court Change of Address Form.

See the link below for the Online Detainee Locator.

What is a Notice to Appear?

A Notice to Appear is similar to a warrant which summons the foreign national to appear before an immigration judge at a specific Immigration Court. All Notices to Appear have an Alien Number which is used to identify the foreign national in the immigration records.
See the link below for a sample copy of a Notice to Appear.